Split Led Solar Street Light With Inbuilt Batteries
Product name:VEGA Series Split solar street light
Light Source:LED
Input Voltage(V):4V
IP Rating:IP66
Color:Light Grey
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):3000-16000
Working Lifetime(Hour):50000
Working Temperature(℃):-20~60
Certification:CE, FCC, RoHS etc.
Warranty(Year):3 years
Beam Angle(°):adjustable
Color Temperature(CCT):6500K
Solar panel:Monocrystalline Silicon
Charge time:6~8 hours
Lamp Body Material:Dia-casting Aluminum
Battery:LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Split Led Solar Street Light With Inbuilt Batteries

split solar street light
The Vega Series solar street light is extremely versatile, robust Solar Street Light It features all of its components fully integrated within an attractive and compact design. 
It combines a highly efficient adjustable solar panel with a‘smart‘and ‘intelligent‘charge controller to energize a high capacity lithium-ion battery that supplies power to the
Super-Bright Bridgelux LEDs to achieve multiple features such as high luminance, long lifespan, minimal maintenance and easy installation. If choose IOT solar street
lighting system with Zigbee/Lora controller and wireless concentrator, clients can wireless monitor led lamp working status and parameters, Map position, historical records,
blocking alarming, ecton computer or mobile. Vega Series brings you a easier way to control the outdoor lighting than ever before.

Multioptions & wide usage: all in one solar lighting system can be used for a wide range of area lighting. split solar street light
Solar Street Light 40w Feature:
1. Split type design: lifepo4 battery, LED light, intelligent controller and aluminum case all in one design, the solar panel not limited, easy installing and convenient shipping
2. Resistance to the wind, rational utilization of volume to minimize shape volume; The force parts are specially thickened to prevent deformation, really up to anti-wind level 70m/sec.

3.Adopt brand lifepo4 battery cell and combined with intelligent software BMS, which is the same working principle with EV battery management system, to extend battery lifespan to be more than 10 years
4.Intelligent controller with MPPT charge technology and microwave sensor/PIR sensor(Zigbee controller and GPRS/3G/4G communication system for option )

5.Beautify the decorative design: On the back of the lamp, there are 8 kinds of flashing colors. The Vega series of split solar street lights can not only brighten the road but also beautify the road.

6.Adopt monocrystalline silicon solar panel, higher charging efficiency

7.Bridgelux LED chip with 160lm/w
8. Self-design spread light lens, to substantially improve the illumination on the street

9. The whole case is die-casting aluminum, protection level reach IP66, All components are made of waterproofing, to make sure the whole solar street light to be IP66
split solar street light
The factory setting of the Vega Series solar street light switch is with light control.. The lamp auto turned on when it is dusk, and turned off when it is dawn;
At night, when no one around, led lamp will dim to power saving mode and once anyone or moving objects approaches, led lamp will bright.

Working Modes Can Be Chosen From:
DEMO: test button to bright led lamp from 0%-20%-40%-60%-80%-100% OFF: shut down the state, do not light all the day or all the night.
L: 100%-1hr, 70%-3hrs, 20% till dawn.
T: 100%-2hrs,70%-2hrs,50%-2hrs.
M: 100% if people come close, 30% far away.
U: 100%-2hrs, 70%-2hrs, 50%-2hrs, sensor working.
50% if people come close, 20% far away.
Remark: Default mode is M, you can choose the best mode according to the light condition in your place.

split solar street lightsplit solar street lightsplit solar street light
Exclusive integrated LORA/Zigbee solar LED street light remote monitoring system ,monitored by PC or Cellphone APP. It is also with self-dimming function to automatically control solar LED Street lights turning on/off 365 days.(Learn more about the IOT system>>)split solar street lightsplit solar street lightsplit solar street light

split solar street light
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split solar street lightsplit solar street lightsplit solar street lightsplit solar street lightsplit solar street light
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