Ip68 Mppt Solar Charge Controllers 10a 15a
Product name:Solar Charge Controller
Model Number:JWL-ML
Application:Solar Working Station, Lighting Controller, Solar System Controller
Work Time (h):24
Max PV Power:330w
Max PV Voltage:24
Charge mode:MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking
System voltage:12V/24V Auto
Rated Current:10A/15A
Working Mode:24 Hours
Working Temperature:-35℃ ~+55℃
Certification:CE/Fcc/RoHS/ ISO9001
Warranty:3years/5 Years(optional)

Ip68 Mppt Solar Charge Controllers 10a 15a

solar charger controllers
JWL-ML series adopt high efficiency MPPT technology and combines with constant current LED driver all in one, the charge efficiency can be increased by up to 30%, is especial for solar LED street lights, with dusk to dawn and dimming function. Users can program the time and dimming value by infrared telecommunications to control LED lights’ working at night.
Professional design to promote system reliability
*Using international well-know brand semiconductor device such as IR.TI.ST.ON.NXP and so on.
*Using industrial MCU total digital technology, without any adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift.
*High LED driving and charging efficiency, significantly reduce the product temperature.
*IP68 protection degree without any buttons, further improve the waterproof reliability.
High MPPT efficiency
*MPPT efficiency≥99.9%, System efficiency is up to 98%, improve the system efficiency & reduces system costs.
High Transfer efficiency
*Charging efficiency up to 98%.
*LED constant current drive efficiency up to 97.4%
Minimal stand-by power consumption
*The current consumption ≤ 10mA after controller enters sleep mode.
Intelligent battery management
*It is three phase time charge battery, which contains MPPT charge, constant voltage charge and float charge, which helps to extend the life time of battery.
*Significantly extends the battery lifetime up to 50% base on intelligent temperature compensation charge and discharge management
Intelligent LED drive management
*Light control function, automatic lights LED in the dark, turn off automatically at dawn.
*Five time control.
*Dimming function, control to output different power in different typical time.
*Ensure battery working in the mode of light charge and light discharge base on intelligent LED drive management, much extend the life time of battery, so guarantee the lights on all the night.
Flexible parameter set
*Infrared wireless communications, connecting with computer.
*Excellent man-machine interface, convenient operation.
*Infrared wireless communications, connecting with a handheld remote control for easy installation.
Perfect protect function
*Battery reverse connection protection.
*The solar panel reverse connection protection.
*To prevent the battery discharge to the solar panel at night.
*Battery low voltage disconnect protection.
*Battery reconnect voltage protection.
*The LED output short and open circuit protection.
solar charger controllers
1 supports lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide and lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries are also supported
2 Lithium batteries do not need this parameter.
3 Test conditions: The battery voltage is 24V,solar panel voltage 30V (solar panels optimum operating point at 30V), charging power 100W
4 Test conditions: battery voltage 24V, output voltage 31V, output power 60W, (10 and 10 series LED)
2.1 The Microwave Sensor induction distance(this function is optional function)
JWL-ML-10A and JWL-ML-15A have a Microwave sensor induction range.
θ: 60°
H: 6m
d: 7m

solar charger controllers

Charger Efficiency Curve
solar charger controllerssolar charger controllerssolar charger controllerssolar charger controllers
solar charger controllers solar charger controllers
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