Smart city iot system lora zigbee solar street light
Product name:IOT smart solar street light system
Station, Road, road,garden etc.
Work Time (h):24
Max PV Voltage:24
IP Rating:IP67
Certification:CE, FCC, RoHS etc.
Weight:1.2Kg (Not Including Antenna
Work Temperature:-40℃ to +85℃
Receiving sensitivity:-100dBm
Standby Current:65mA/12V,33mA/24V
Line Transmit Distance:1.5KM
Application:Lighting Controller, Solar System Controller, Solar Working

Smart City IOT System Lora Zigbee Solar Street Light

2g 4g gsm network lora zigbee control smart solar street lighting system

  The role of the once lonely street light has been heavily rewritten so that it now serves as a major information gateway, runs on solar power, and is sensing and reporting far more than you might imagine. Indeed, the global market for the smart street light is projected at $18 billion per year by 2024. While that number may sound hard to believe, the next time you drive under a carport or walk across an intersection, just look up.
  Smart solar lighting systems that include video and other sensing capabilities can measure pedestrian activity and traffic patterns, air quality monitoring, and can provide video surveillance for security — or issue traffic tickets. Solar lighting and smart lighting are quickly merging into smart solar lighting in a host of applications.
  With the rapid development of global communication technology, smarter urban IoT solar street lighting system applications

smart city solar street light

  JSDSOLAR has comprehensively deployed the Smart City IoT Solar Street Light System from 2009, with deep technical accumulation and experience in large smart city street lighting projects.

MPPT Solar charge controller with LED driver and microwave sensor and GPRS&LORA Remote Monitoring for Integrated solar LED street lights

JWL-JL Wireless Solar Street Light Charge Controller
1. Introduction 
JWL-JL series intelligent controller is the first one solar light controller combined with solar charge controller and LORA module all in one, and also through GPRS concentrator to remote monitored by PC or Cellphone APP.This controller isintegrated with led driver and infrared sensor, with time and dimming function. Users not only can program battery types, charging voltage, time and dimming value via a remote control JSD-RC to all JWL-JL series controllers, but also can program the above parameters from PC software and APP. It is also with self-dimming function to automatically control solar LED lights turning on/off 365 days.

smart street lighting system

*Integrated Zigbee device, constant current led driver, infrared sensors all in one, easy installation, lower self-consumption and high efficiency

*Zigbee device is to remote control all solar street lights: control led lights’ working, collect solar panel, solar battery and led lights working data, broken alarming and examining, ect and transmit data one controller to others

*Build-in constant current LED driver, with 91%-96% output efficiency

*With infrared sensor, by one remote control to program parameters to all controllers

*With Antenna that must install outside box

*Electric protection: over-load, reverse connecting, short-circuit and battery charging and discharging protection, ect

*Self-dimming function based on battery capacity to ensure 365 nights turned on.

*Waterproof IP67, suitable for high or low temperature environment

*LED indicators display to show all solar street light’s working status

*Suitable for all kinds of battery: gel/AGM/li-ion/Lifepo4 battery or users defined

3. Protection:

*PV reverse polarity protection

*Battery reverse polarity protection

*Battery over charge protection

*Battery over discharge protection

*Load short circuit protection

*Load overload protection

4. Lighting control option:

Light on + time + dimming, then time+dimming+motion sensor

A. 1st period: 0-720 minutes and 0-2700mA current

B. Morning mode: 0-720 minutes and 0-720mA current

smart solar street lighting

Communication Mode

smart solar street light

Technical Specification
smart street lighting system project

√ The default battery type is sealed lead acid, Gel or flooded.

√ Users can change the battery type, charging voltage and other parameters as need.

JWL-SWC GPRS Concentrator For Remote Communication
JWL-SWC series concentrator is utilized of HUAWEI 4G communication module, compatible with 3G, 2G(GPRS signal), can be application in the world’s harshest conditions; whether the area is in good 4G signal, or the remote area is in only GPRS signal.Besides ,it adopts zigbee/Lora technology to local network communication,make it have lower self-consumption but being with good communication.In addition,the zigbee is globalized standard, so it can be applied for all countries without limit.

iot smart street lighting system

1. Three communication methods are option: ZigBee, LORA, ZigBee & LORA communication.
2. Need SIM card, the card can be full netcom.

3. Wide rang input voltage, 12V and 24V are available.

4. Long communication radius between terminal modules, up to 2km and high speed.

5. Low self-consumption and low working power.

6. With memory function, can store terminal module information.

7. Keep communicating with terminal modules in real-time, once there is problem, it will alarms on the PC interface.

8. The wireless communication network is multi-level network topology, automatic networking, is reliable transmitting and accurate information.

iot streetlight controller systemiot solar street lightroad smart solar street light

5. Technical Parameters:

smart solar street lighting system

6. PC Remote Monitoring Software:
This PC software is being with good human to machine interface,make it is easy to operate.It can realize the all smart street light monitor function you want,such as overall data query,light remote turn on/off,lighting parameter query and set,broken alarm and historical record query,lamp install location query and user administration function.The benefits of these features include a reduction in energy cost by at least 30% through adaptive dimming and 50% reduced repair costs.4g solar street lightsmart street lighting system using zigbee
  In 2018, JSD SOLAR expanded its global footprint, shipping more than double the number of lighting controllers compared to the previous year and expanding its customer footprint to 150 cities across 24 countries, including first-time shipments to the countries of the Columbia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bahamas, and Uruguay etc. During the year, JSD participated in multiple large-scale strategic projects,

JSD provides reliable, low-cost, off-grid power for lighting, telecom, security, Internet of Things devices, and other critical systems. The company’s Smart Off-Grid system includes a solar or solar-hybrid controller.gms solar street light

smart control solar street light
*JINSDON lighting is a vibrant and fast-growing international company and as a leader in the solar lighting&energy industrial.
*Established in 2010 and located in Shenzhen city, JINSDON lighting is one of the earliest new-energy manufacturers, specialize in intelligent solar charge controller, smart solar street lights, solar storage solutions etc.
*JINSDON lighting has finished research and development of remote control solar charge controller, IOT 4G/3G/GPRS network control solar street lighting, smart APP solar lighting, musical solar garden lighting and solar storage located 
system, master the core innovative technology of whole solar power system.
*Our solar products have been exported to over 50 countries, such as Germany, Japan, UK , Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Algeria, Thailand, Australia and Brazil so on, products are popular and well-know in other countries, we provide mid-
sales service of assigning engineer to assist installing of huge projects, go to client’s country to handle problems which customer can’t solve after sales, all users think highly of our company and solar lighting.
*JINSDON lighting focuses on the " integrity, professional, win-win" business philosophy, strive for a team, do a good job in every detail and come into being strict product inspection system, to make sure the highest quality and create 
best value for clients.
*In the future, JINSDON lighting connects all urban infrastructure (street lighting systems and closed-circuit television systems) by IOT system, to form intelligent urban street lighting systemssmart city solar street lightsmart city solar street lightsmart city solar street lightsmart city solar street lightsmart city solar street light
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