Cleaning System Solar Street Light All In One With Remote
Product name:Automatic Cleaning system solar street light
Solar panel:Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Input Voltage(V):12.8V-25.6V
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):3000-19200
Working Temperature(℃):-20~60
Working Lifetime(Hour):>50000
IP Rating:IP66
Certification:CE, FCC, RoHS etc.
Beam Angle(°):Adjustable
Application:ROAD, Square, Park, Street, etc
Color:Light Grey
Battery Type:Lithium-iron Battery
Charge Controller:MPPT soalr charge controller with IOT function
Working Time:12 hours/day 2-3 days backup
Charging Time:6 hours/day (related with local sunshine)

Cleaning System Solar Street Light All In One With Remote

cleaning system solar street lightAlpha series Auto sweeping solar street light is integrated automatic cleaning solar panel and IOT LORA  wireless monitoring system. Every morning, this Auto sweeping solar street light will automatically clean dust, bird  droppings and various garbage on solar panel one cycle, to make sure high charging efficiency and  protect panel from hot spot effect. What’s more, Alpha series solar light is with IOT LORA wireless  monitoring solar charge controller, with free wiring but remotely monitoring all solar street lights  working status.
cleaning system solar street lightThe Advantages Of Auto sweeping solar street light:
1.Built-in Automatic Robotic cleaning arm wipes the dust off the solar panel every day keeping the Solar panel at optimum efficiency.
2.Uses free electricity from the sun so environmentally-friendly and pollution-free
3.Easily Replaceable Battery bank housed in a strong aluminum removable cartridge
4.Easy to install and safe to use
5.No costly or complicated pipe- laying or underground wiring required
Alpha series Auto sweeping solar street light adopt IOT LORA monitoring function and MPPT charging mode. 40 to 80pcs solar lights form a group. There will be one wireless concentrator in the middle of the group. The concentrator and other solar lights form a net to transmit data and receive/send command by IOT. The concentrator accesses the Internet via GPRS, then users can remotely query and control working status of all solar street lights by network or mobile devices. cleaning system solar street light
cleaning system solar street lightcleaning system solar street lightExclusive integrated LORA/Zigbee solar LED street light remote monitoring system ,monitored by PC or Cellphone APP. It is also with self-dimming function to automatically control solar LED lights turning on/off 365 days.(Learn more about the IOT system>>)cleaning system solar street lightcleaning system solar street lightcleaning system solar street lightThe Company‘s Main Product Business
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