Inverter solar power system home solution

Inverter solar power system home solution

 This off-grid solar system purchased 200 units for a solar supplier in Mexico to solve local power supply problems, mainly for daily household electricity, including powering a range of household appliances such as daily lighting, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, computers . A solar system consists of 15 pcs 350w monocrystalline silicon solar panels and 16kwh high-quality lithium batteries. During the day, the system stores excess power in lithium batteries to meet normal power consumption at night. Installing the system can effectively solve the problems of insufficient power supply, unstable power supply, and excessive electricity costs. The configuration parameters are as follows for reference only. If you need it, please contact us in time according to your needs. Tailored.
solar power system home
5KW System Main Introduce:
1.Max Load:5KW
2.Solar Panel Input:5KW
3.Standard Solar Charge Time:4.5H/day
4.Device Daily Power Consumption:16 KWH
5.System Support Load Type:Computer,TV,Fans,Washing Machine,Air Conditioner Etc

Item Parts Model Description Qty  
1 Hybrid inveter and controller 48V/5000w Iunput:48VDC 1pcs

solar power system

AC Output:220V/50Hz, 5000W
Max Charge Current:80A Can be parallel
2 Lifepo4 battery
5U/4880 Rated Voltage:48V 4pcs inverter solar power system home
Rated Capacity:80AH
Net Weight:45kg
DOD depth:100%

Battery Pack


5U-140 Size:1830*600*600mm 1pcs solar power system home
Portable:Yes,with 4pcs wheels
  PV Panel PV350P Mono Type  Vmp:38V 15pcs
solar power system
Rate Power:350W
Weight:24.0 kg

PV Panel

Monuting Bracket


Anti-erosion Alumimun Alloy

for rooftop or ground monunting

1pcs inverter solar power system home

Power Distirbution



Including leakage circuit breaker,

32A 250V   air-switch,

16A by-pass switch ..etc

1pcs solar power system home
7 Cabel PV-1*6mm2

Special high Anti-UV and

Wear-Resistant PV cabel

Working Temperature:


100pcs solar power system
8 PV Waterproof Connector MC4 ●Rated Voltage:1000V DC 20pcs inverter solar power system home
●Rated Current:30A
●IP Rate:IP67