Three misunderstands of purchasing solar street lights

Three Misunderstands Of Purchasing Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are becoming more and more popular. Many urban lighting projects are very fond of buying solar street lights, including many rural areas that use solar street lights. This is because it not only can save a lot of electricity bills,but also protect the environment. For people, this is a more economical street light. When buying solar street lights, what mistakes should we avoid?

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 1.Quality is based on the brightness of solar street lights

When many people buy solar street lights, the first thing is to look at the brightness of the solar street lights. The brighter the better, the better. In fact, this is a bit biased. Only looking at the brightness, we can‘t see if its quality is the best.We should know about the overall configuration, such as solar panel power, battery capacity

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2. Simply look at the price of solar street lights

Many people always choose the lowest price, but the lowest price is really good? Is its quality really guaranteed? The lower the price, the lower the configuration. The higher the price, the greater the degree of configuration. In short, simply looking at the price of solar street lights is not appropriate, we should know about its overall configuration, and then choose the most suitable street light.

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3.Ignoring the after-sales service guarantee of solar street lights.

As long as there are solar street lights, there will always be faults. These solar street lights fail not only because of the quality , but also because of the local weather. No one wants to buy a solar street light that has failed. Even if there is a fault,anyone don’t want to pay for repairing. Since this is the case, then you should not underestimate the after-sales service guarantee of solar street lights. When purchasing solar street lights, be sure to choose a business with a reputation. When there is a problem with your solar street lights, they can provide you with the right solution, even the door-to-door service, isn‘t it better?

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